In what feels like another life, I studied food. Food is intensely personal. We incorporate it into our own bodies – it literally becomes part of us. At the same time, so many of our ideas about food come from our families, our culture and the media, and food and agriculture are inherently political. This connection between the individual body, the social body and the political body is what made studying food so fascinating, as our choices are shaped by heritage and power, and ripple out again back into the world. What effect do they have?

After coming close to burnout in academia and feeling increasingly helpless in the face of all the overlapping crises in the world today, I started to think again about this connection between my own beleaguered body and mind, and the collective problems we face. Climate change. Patriarchy. Racism. The rise of far-right politics. Violence. As I struggled to take care of myself and heal from my burnout and depression, I reminded myself that loving yourself in a world that would prefer you broken is a radical act. But is it enough? How can I do more and also not burn out again? This blog is about cultivating creativity and compassion, about a journey towards wellness and towards living my political truth.